Tom Ford Soleil Neige Soleil Glow Stick Review & Swatches



Soleil Neige (02)

Tom Ford Beauty Soleil Neige (02) Highlighter & Blush Glow Stick includes a pearly highlighter on one shade and a creamy blush on the other. The product twists up from the respective ends. It’s a very emollient formula with a high-shine, dewy finish that doesn’t seem to dry down or set, yet it manages to wear beautifully for nine hours (without moving around). The highlighter had more semi-opaque coverage, while the blush had more opaque coverage, but I suspect that most will find the coverage levels easy to work with, whether to build up or sheer out.

Soleil Neige (Highlighter)

Soleil Neige (Highlighter) is a pale, white gold with subtle, warm undertones and a dewy, lightly pearlized sheen. It’s a very pale shade, so some of the coverage gets lost against my skin tone, but it seemed more semi-opaque in a single stroke (from the tube) and then more medium, buildable when applied with fingertips or a brush.

It had a creamy, emollient consistency that felt almost like a lip balm for the face, and it did not dry down or set (so it wasn’t transfer-resistant either!). I was happily surprised that it actually wore quite well; the product had a pearly sheen apparent even after 12 hours that hadn’t migrated or moved around–tested over bare skin as well as over foundation. It seemed slightly faded after about nine hours of wear.

Soleil Neige (Blush)

Soleil Neige (Blush) is a brighter, medium pink-coral with warm undertones and a creamy, luminous finish. On a scale of one to ten for dewiness, the finish was a solid nine. The texture reflected that, as it felt almost like a balm with how emollient it was but still spread easily across my skin and diffused nicely along the edges. I tend to favor fingertips, as they’re fast and reliable for me, but stippling brushes worked well with the formula. It had a more watercolor effect applied as the product looked seamless with my skin texture.

It had nearly opaque pigmentation in a single stroke directly from the tube, while application with fingertips can range from semi-opaque to opaque (but easily diffused for sheerer coverage) and more medium to semi-opaque with a brush. The color started to look a bit faded after nine hours of wear, though the overall color and placement were largely intact after 12 hours of wear.