Tom Ford Soleil Neige Eyeshadow Quad Review & Swatches


Soleil Neige (01)

Tom Ford Beauty Soleil Neige (01) Eye Color Quad is a new, limited edition quad that features a frosted white, sparkling light taupe, navy blue, and sparkly black-brown. Three of the four shades seemed to have larger sparkles (not quite glitter), and they packed more visible sparkle than I recall any other shade doing compared to past quads I’ve tested in the same formula.

Two of those three sparkling shades seemed marginally drier, slightly dusty, compared to the typical, more pearl-to-metallic finishes. The eyeshadows had good wear and were blendable, but the pigmentation was more buildable than it was rich unless applied with a dampened brush.

Soleil Neige #1

Soleil Neige #1 is a bright white with subtle, warm undertones and a frosted sheen. It had medium coverage applied dry, which is easier to discern in the angled swatch (you can see how much of my skin is covered–it looks sheerer straight-on), and opaque coverage when applied with a dampened brush. The consistency was smooth to the touch, dense without being stiff to work with, and sat well on my skin. It wore well for eight and a half hours on me before fading visibly.

Soleil Neige #2

Soleil Neige #2 is a light, muted taupe with subtle, warmer undertones and flecks of silver sparkle over a metallic sheen. It had medium coverage applied dry, which was buildable to semi-opaque coverage, or it could yield opaque pigmentation in a single layer if applied with a dampened brush.

This shade had more noticeable sparkle to it, and as a result, I’d recommend applying it with a dampened brush to ensure coverage, blendability, and better adhesion of the sparkles. The consistency felt a little dry to me, dense like I’d expect of the formula, but it seemed to have more give. There was light fallout during application, and then there was a touch more during the eight and a half hours it lasted for.

Soleil Neige #3

Soleil Neige #3 is a blackened navy blue with cool undertones and a lightly sparkled finish. The eyeshadow had a smooth, denser consistency that wasn’t too firmly that it became stiff to work with, but there was no powderiness or tendency to have fallout during application.

While this shade had more sparkles to it, the texture didn’t feel dry and didn’t give me issues with any fallout like #2 did. It had good color coverage applied dry as well as with a dampened brush, but the latter application method gave the most intense results. This shade stayed on nicely for nine hours before fading visibly.

Soleil Neige #4

Soleil Neige #4 is a deep, blackened brown with subtle, cool undertones and a sparkling finish. It had nearly opaque pigmentation when applied with a dry brush, and it was buildable to full coverage with less than half of a layer more. If applied with a dampened brush, it appeared slightly deeper, richer, and was fully opaque.

The texture was smooth to the touch without being powdery nor too firmly pressed in the pan but did seem slightly drier compared to most of the shades I’ve tested in this formula. It wore well for eight and a half hours before fading a bit.