Tom Ford Scarlet Shock, Luscious, Blush Nu Extreme Badass Lip Colors

Scarlet Shock

Scarlet Shock Extreme Badass Lip Color by Tom Ford Beauty is a bright, medium orange-red with warm undertones and a barely-there pearl on a semi-matte finish. It had a semi-opaque color coverage that applied evenly on my lips but could have been better, particularly around the edges and in the inner area. The texture was creamier and more forgiving than the other shades in the formula, but it was still clingier and drier than the others, making it feel a little clay-like. It lasted five hours and felt slightly dry as time went on.


Luscious Extreme Badass Lip Color is a deep berry pink with cool blue undertones and fine, barely-there shimmer over a matte finish from Tom Ford Beauty. It had a rich color payoff in a single layer that applied evenly but was more prone to highlighting texture flaws. The texture was firmer, denser, and drier, with a clay-like feel that clung to my lips and felt dry, even after six hours.

Blush Nu

The Tom Ford Beauty Blush Nu Extreme Badass Lip Color is a medium peach with warm undertones and a barely-there pearl over a matte finish. It was “metallic-matte,” but it was definitely more matte than metallic, despite being the range’s most shimmery shade. It had a drier, almost clay-like texture to it, as it was thicker, denser, and more clingy on my lips. It was evident in the application, as the product clung to flaws, gathered in lip lines, and appeared uneven. The pigmentation was semi-opaque and could have been applied more evenly. It lasted four hours, but over time it settled deeper into my lip lines and felt slightly drying.