Tom Ford Naked Pink Eye Color Quad

Naked Pink

Tom Ford Beauty Naked Pink Eye Color Quad is a new, limited edition peach palette for the holiday season.The quality was so-so with the lowest-rated shade being sheerer and more prone to fallout, which is more typical for this type of shade from Tom Ford (sparkly). Obviously, for a luxury price point, I would and do expect better since I’ve seen Tom Ford put out higher-quality quads in the past. The color story itself doesn’t offer a lot of nuance or contrast/depth, so it doesn’t offer a lot of versatility for looks and likely will get lost on some skin tones entirely.

Naked Pink #1

Naked Pink #1 is a pale, peachy gold with strong, warm undertones and a metallic sheen. It had opaque pigmentation paired with a soft, lightly powdery texture that picked up readily with a brush and blended out well without being prone to fallout. The color did appear much lighter applied than in the pan. It stayed on well for eight hours before fading noticeably.

Naked Pink #2

Naked Pink #2 is a very light brown with moderate, warm undertones and a matte finish. It had mostly opaque, buildable pigmentation with a slightly thin, lightly dusty consistency that was blendable but prone to sheering out a bit without a primer underneath. It wore well for seven hours before fading visibly on me.

Naked Pink #3

Naked Pink #3 is a light, peachy copper with a sparkling finish. The texture was thinner with some slip, which helped the sparkles adhere to the skin without lots of fallout, but it had more semi-sheer coverage. I would recommend applying it with a fingertip or a dampened brush to minimize fallout, amplify finish, and ensure the most even laydown of product. It lasted decently for eight hours with light fallout over time.

Naked Pink #4

Naked Pink #4 is a brighter, orange-copper with a pearl finish. It had opaque color coverage that applied evenly to bare skin and blended out without difficulty. The texture was slightly firmer but picked up well enough with a brush. It stayed on nicely for eight hours before fading a bit.