Tom Ford Lip Gelees Reviews & Swatches


Tom Ford Beauty Lustrous Lip Gelee is a pink-red with cool undertones and a barely-there sheen. It gave my lips a darker, reddish tint but didn’t really lean cool or warm-toned to my eye. It had sheer, tinted coverage, as described, though those with more naturally pigmented lips will likely find that the different shades run together more on their lips than mine (which are light-ish). The color had to be blended in with my fingertip or when I pressed my lips together as the “core” of color yielded an uneven, patchy line of color across the center of my upper and lower lip (as the jelly did not do a good job of combining everything together). The consistency was lightweight, thin, and clingy after the shine wore down, which was a mere half hour after application. It did not feel comfortable to wear; it felt almost like an emollient film and then nothing at all after the shine wore away. I tried to wear it twice in a row, hoping for some hydration, but alas, it was not at all hydrating.


Tom Ford Beauty Maldives Lip Gelee is a medium pink with subtle, warm undertones and a barely-there sheen. It had very sheer coverage that looked like a tint of color, which was as intended. I was able to discern subtle differences between these shades applied to my lips, but someone with more natural pigmentation is less likely to see the differences (I could see having a cooler and warmer take but four shades in such a sheer formula seems unnecessary). The texture was very thin, lightweight, and emollient but still managed to feel almost clingy. The minuscule shine lasted for a half hour, while the tint lasted for an hour and a half, but once the shine wore away, it felt clingy and almost drying. The color went on unevenly due to the jelly preventing the actual color “core” from distributing color along the edges of my lips (unless I wanted jelly outside of my lips!).


Tom Ford Beauty Sunlit Lip Gelee is a sheer, peachy-orange tint that gave my lips a slightly warmer, orange-red appearance. I have less natural pigmentation, so I could differentiate a bit between the translucent shades but anyone with moderate pigmentation likely wouldn’t notice much, if anything. It was difficult to apply the color evenly as the jelly prevented the color from getting to the edges of my lips (without then getting jelly outside my lip lines, too). It was emollient and glided on without tugging, but it was thin and didn’t feel hydrating at any point. The shine lasted for a half hour, tops, and there was no moment during, after, hours later, that this actually felt hydrating. The tint was noticeable for about an hour and a half on me.


Tom Ford Beauty Scorching Lip Gelee is a soft, pink-coral with warm undertones and a barely-there sheen. It had sheer coverage–tinted just as described–that I could detect against my lip color those with darker or more naturally pigmented lips may have to hunt for it. The texture was thin, emollient so it didn’t drag, but it sank into my lip lines, went on unevenly, and felt clingy. The shine was weak, and it did not seem to be in line with the product’s claims, while the color lasted for just over an hour, the shine was gone within a half hour. I wore it twice in a row (so about three hours in total), and it just did not feel hydrating at all.