Tom Ford Gerard, Rolando, Udo Boys Lip Colors Reviews & Swatches



Tom Ford Beauty Gerard Lips & Boys Soft Matte Lip Color is a medium, peachy orange with warm undertones and a natural sheen. It had semi-sheer coverage, which was as described, that applied fairly evenly but let my natural lip color come through. As a result, the natural unevenness of my lip color was more visible in contrast to the lighter, peachy-orange hue.

The texture was lightweight, velvety and smooth as it skated across my lips, and it didn’t feel traditionally emollient but more primer-like without being clingy or drying. The product went on evenly but seemed to sit in my lip lines slightly. It stayed on well for three hours and was lightly hydrating over time.


Tom Ford Beauty Rolando Lips & Boys Soft Matte Lip Color is a light-medium, muted peach with warm undertones and a natural sheen. It was more muted, almost brownish, in comparison to Gerard but they looked similar applied on my lips.

The lipstick yielded medium coverage in a single layer, which was a bit more than described, which applied evenly and smoothly across my lips without emphasizing lip texture. The texture felt lightweight, velvety, and smooth without moistness/creaminess–more slip that you’d expect from a face primer. It lasted well for three and a half hours and felt lightly moisturizing while worn.


Tom Ford Beauty Udo Lips & Boys Soft Matte Lip Color is a brighter, medium-dark fuchsia pink with strong, cool blue undertones and a soft sheen. It had semi-sheer color coverage with a velvety-smooth texture that glided easily across my lips.

It had a lightweight, thin feel applied, which didn’t feel clingy nor did it emphasize my lip texture–the latter is something I have found the more silicone-heavy formulas can do on my lips (especially my lip lines). The color went on evenly and wore well for five hours with a lightly hydrating formula.