Tom Ford Dorothy, Abigail, Cherry Boys & Girls Lip Colors Reviews & Swatches



Tom Ford Beauty Dorothy Boys & Girls Lip Color Sheer is a bright, light-medium coral with warmer undertones and a cream finish. It had semi-opaque pigmentation in a single layer, which was closer to sheer than the other two shades launched this season!

The product applied comfortably to my lips as the texture was lightweight, creamy without being too slippery, and had fairly evenly application. The downside was that it seemed to have visible streaks along the edges of my lips, and lines were left when I pressed my lips together. It was shorter-wearing at a mere three hours (four is closer to average), though the luminous finish didn’t make the wear time a real surprise.


Tom Ford Beauty Abigail Boys & Girls Lip Color Sheer is a light-medium, pinky beige with warmer undertones and a luminous, cream finish. It seemed to have the barest suggestion of pearl that gave it a bit of shine.

The texture was creamy, lightweight, and thin with moderate slip so it was comfortable to apply but didn’t slide around during wear. There was slight product that accumulated in my deeper lip lines and a touch of streaking along the edges. It had nearly opaque color coverage, so obvious a good deal above “sheer,” which has been an ongoing “issue” I’ve had with this particular formula in the past. It wore well for three and a half hours and felt moisturizing while worn.


Tom Ford Beauty Cherry Boys & Girls Ultra-Rich Lip Color is a brighter, medium-dark pink-coral with warm undertones and a glossy, cream finish. It had good color payoff–though not sheer!–that applied smoothly across my lips without tugging, but the product could have adhered more evenly as it seemed more prone to catching on texture/imperfects (see upper lip, below cupid’s bow).

The lipstick had a lightweight, lightly creamy texture that had moderate slip and was comfortable to apply and to wear. The product lasted decently for four hours and felt hydrating over time.