Tom Ford Clash, Stunner, Powertrip Lip Sparks Reviews & Swatches


Tom Ford Beauty Clash Lip Spark is a deep, coppery red with warm, orange undertones and flecks of orange and red sparkle. It had medium to semi-opaque coverage in one layer, which went on fairly evenly but could have applied better. The texture was lightweight, emollient without being heavy or slippery on my lips during wear, and was comfortable to wear. I didn’t notice the texture during application or while worn, though if I pressed my lips together firmly enough, I could detect that I was wearing a more glittery product. It stayed on well for five and a half hours and was lightly moisturizing while worn.


Tom Ford Beauty Stunner Lip Spark is a rich, ruby red with flecks of red, gold, and fuchsia sparkle and micro-glitter. The color payoff was semi-opaque in one layer, which applied evenly and smoothly across my lips. There was a very subtle sense of all the glitter in the tube when applied, but I didn’t feel it was gritty or noticeable when worn. The consistency was lightweight, thin (but not clingy), and emollient, which made it comfortable to wear. It lasted nicely for six hours, left a faint stain behind, and was lightly hydrating over time.


Tom Ford Beauty Powertrip Lip Spark is a bright pop of fuchsia pink with cool, blue undertones and flecks of iridescent blue and violet sparkle and micro-glitter. The pigmentation was semi-opaque, which adhered evenly and smoothly across my lips with good sparkle/glitter dispersion. The lipstick had a lightweight, emollient consistency that glided on without tugging and was comfortable to wear. While it had a lot of sparkle/glitter, it didn’t feel rough or overly textured when going on, but if I really pressed my lips firmly together, I knew I had a bit o’ glitter on (not anything bothersome–but I think that can be subjective, e.g. if you loathe the feel of any shimmer ever, then it might be a deal-breaker). The color wore well for five hours, left a stain behind, and was lightly moisturizing while worn.