Tom Ford Acqua Metal Shadows Reviews & Swatches

Reflects Gilt

Tom Ford Beauty Reflect Gilt Acqua Metal Shadow is a light-medium gold with warm, yellow undertones and a sparkling, metallic finish. It had medium color coverage, and it was hard to sheer it out (it was supposed to be “translucent”) without really spreading out the tiniest amount of product all over my lid space but definitely not sheer if using the included applicator in any shape or form–you’d have enough for a sheer layer over half one’s face, probably!

It had a thin, watery consistency that felt cool as it applied, and it had a longer dry down time (about 30 seconds), which made it prone to creasing as it dried down so I had to try and smooth it back out as it was drying down. It applied fairly evenly but the sparkle/shine camouflaged the bits it didn’t apply as well to. It lasted for eight hours but had some visible flaking, though no creasing once it set.

Tom Ford Beauty Violet Argente Acqua Metal Shadow

Tom Ford Beauty Violet Argente Acqua Metal Shadow

Violet Argente

Tom Ford Beauty Violet Argente Acqua Metal Shadow is a medium bronze with strong,w arm undertones and a metallic finish. It had opaque color payoff in a single layer–and a little went a long way. When I tried to sheer it out, the color appeared a bit softer but was still fairly pigmented! The swatch above is taking the barest dab and diffusing it with my fingertip and not having luck getting it to sheer out. It applied similarly onto my lid–I couldn’t really get it to sheer out in a meaningful way. I would never describe it as a “translucent” product–it’s intense!

Venus Rising

Tom Ford Beauty Venus Rising Acqua Metal Shadow is a medium pink with warm undertones and a frosted finish. It had semi-opaque pigmentation when I applied it using the included applicator; I had to really work at it to get even semi-sheer coverage–taking a small amount and blending it out with a fingertip all over the lid. The applicator was uneven, slightly patchy, and it was hard to apply it with precision when attempting to use it as a sheer layer of product.