Today The Los Angeles Producer Saint Punk Has Delivered His Highly-Anticipated Debut Album, Ouroboros

Saint Punk‘s unique grunge house style continues to stand out in a sea of oversaturated house music. Today the Los Angeles producer has delivered his highly-anticipated debut album, Ouroboros. The 14-track project takes the listener on a winding emotional journey through sonic peaks and valleys, showcasing Saint Punk’s captivating house production around every corner. The concept of the album as an infinite cycle adds another layer of meaning and interest to an already impressive record. Stream Ouroboros via Spotify below and read what Saint Punk himself has to say about the inspiration behind this project.

“The ouroboros to me represents a neverending cycle”, Saint Punk says. “Writing this album felt like Groundhog Day, waking up only to repeat the same events the day before. Some time has passed since I’ve written these songs though and the ouroboros also has come to represent new life for me. That’s how I choose to see it now. A neverending force of momentum, pushing and pulling, grinding against the grain, to be born into something worthy of the effort. Something with purpose. It’s everything I experienced and felt in 2020, from anger to sadness to euphoria, depression and more. It’s basically a journal put to music.”

Saint Punk – Ouroboros