Tobtok and farfetch’d Join Forces for a Cutting-Edge Experimental EP: “My Friends”

Tobtok and farfetch’d have teamed up to release a new, groovy, and experimental EP titled “My Friends.” This collaborative effort showcases their evolution in sound from their past multi-platinum-selling singles, incorporating a wide range of musical influences, including house, rave, French, glitch, disco, and even elements of breaks and drum ‘n’ bass.

The EP kicks off with “I Like When You,” a delightful French piano house track that exudes energy, featuring distant vocals and bright piano notes set against a lively beat. Following that, “So Good” takes things further with almost choral vocals harmonizing with building piano notes.

The title track, “My Friends,” introduces a modern house breakdown before elevating the track with impressive synths. “We All Fall Down” explores more introspective and emotional territory while keeping the house beats in the background.

The penultimate track, “Heartbeats,” evokes beats and percussion reminiscent of Disclosure, offering a slower, vibey vibe suitable for the post-peak hours of a dance party. Finally, the EP concludes with “Movin’ On,” a disco house masterpiece that is sure to keep you dancing long after the track ends.

The “My Friends” EP by Tobtok and farfetch’d is now available on Perfect Havoc, offering a diverse and vibrant musical journey for fans to enjoy.