Tips On Posing Like An Influencer For The Perfect Shot

When the word “Influencer” showed up on the internet scene, it took everyone by surprise and has not looked back ever since. These internet celebrities are a unique breed that seem to have super powers for looking picture perfect all the time. While we–the majority regular–can’t even get one great photo in spite of thousands of attempts. Heck, not balanced at all! Truth be told, unless modeling is your forte, it takes a period of practice to achieve that influencer-level picture perfect pose. Also, another factor many seem to struggle with is exuding the right confidence in pictures.

Think about it, considering the numerous onlookers when you’re trying to pose for that street photograph, the limited poses in your head, and everything that boosts the shyness within, it’s no surprise posing like an influencer eludes many. However, the good news is this skill can be learnt and mastered. It entails knowing the most flattering poses that work for you, and sticking to them like glue while experimenting on others. Easier said than done, but we got your back. Check out the tips on posing like an influencer for the perfect shot below.

Use A High Resolution Camera

Sometimes, it’s not you, it’s the camera. Posing like an influencer requires a high resolution camera that gives a much needed wow-factor. Have you noticed you tend to look better in pictures taken with new generation cameras, as opposed to older variations? No matter how much of a model you may be or how stylish you are, a poor camera won’t flatter you at all. Invest in a professional camera or a phone with a high megapixel. 

Know Your Angles

Angles are everything. It’s so funny how with one angle, you look like you walked out the cover page of a high fashion magazine, but with another angle, it’s a complete different (and uninteresting) story. Don’t just get a great camera and end it there. Learn your best angles and how to play them up. It will benefit you greatly. This is what differentiates an influencer from a regular social media user. Same camera, different angles.

Strategically Scout For Location

An influencer has learnt to see potential in regular places. Shake off the laziness of always  posing in front of your gate every time. Even if it’s the Eiffel Tower, your audience is bound to get bored after a while. In posing like an influencer, creativity is needed. Scout for locations that would spice up your page, thus making you look classy. It sure is finer posing in front of a vintage beetle than a good old white background. 

Match The Pose To The Product

This is a well needed skill when posing like an influencer–to know how to draw attention to the product you’re showcasing. For instance, when trying to exhibit footwear, try to strike a pose that keeps the focus on your legs and not your elaborate statement blouse. 

Have A Consistent Theme

Curating a uniformly themed page is the icing on the cake. Choose a color or overall style for your page and stick to it. This requires a high level of resilience and being deliberate about the photos you take and not just throwing everything on your page sentimentally. Posing like an influencer is not just about putting your hands akimbo and making a pout, there’s much more to it. However, in all of these, patience remains a virtue because Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will your influencer shots.  

Featured image: alannanicolex/Instagram