Tips on Maintaining Healthy Hair

Healthy hair is often described as thick, shiny, smooth or bouncy. Amazing hair is the goal of many gentlemen who would stop at nothing in their pursuit of greater self-confidence encased in a mesmerising look. It is, however, not insurmountable to live your realistic dream of having continually healthy hair by embracing some key tips. Ensuring that your hair remains healthy is as simple as following the right procedure in washing your hair and choosing hair products wisely. Just like what you eat and how you handle your body impacts greatly on your health, healthy hair comes with eating right and gentler handling. Take a look at these clues: The more oily the hair, the more often we wash. Two major factors determine how oily hair is: The age of a person and whether your hair has been treated with chemicals or not.

The human scalp naturally produces oil, and the younger you are the more the oil produced and the older the less. For those men with more oily hair, washing once per day might be necessary. However, staying for too long without shampooing even for older people can lead to dandruff besides other scalp conditions and diseases. Subjecting your hair to chemical treatment has the tendency of drying up the hair strands, and sufficient time is, therefore, necessary to accumulate some oil before the next wash for healthier hair.

Choose shampoos and conditioners recommended for your hair

A two in one shampoo is a must-have product if your hair is chemically treated or damaged. It has a special chemical formulation that ensures no counter-reaction (which would be detrimental to your hair) occurs. They work in a complementary way hence maximising the benefits for faster regrowth. Choosing the best shampoo and conditioner types for healthy hair has never been so easy. According to, there are various factors that you need to consider before you make your choice including; your gender, overall health, age, as well as environmental factors. Hair conditioner is particularly important after shampoo since it’s the one responsible for repairing damaged hair for a stronger, shinier and healthier look.

Shampoo is meant for the scalp, conditioner for hair tips

If you wash only the strands of your hair with shampoo, chances are that you’ll end up generating light and dull looking hair. Conditioners, on the other hand, can crumble hair strands into a limp look when applied on full hair-length and scalp.

Handle hair gently

Since wet hair is more susceptible to breakage due to a weakened shaft, handle gently as you shampoo and never brush when your hair is still wet after a shower.
Never rub while drying wet hair with a towel, but simply pat dry to minimize hair breakage.
Ensure your hair is safe when swimming by conditioning before using a swimmer’s shampoo, wearing a tight swim cap, and deep conditioning after the swim. This is to ward off the effects of chlorine and replenish lost moisture.

Focus on eating the right foods

Iron and protein-rich foods ensure healthy sublime hair. Nutrient supplements are advisable where the available foods are deficient in iron and protein. Maintaining healthy hair is not a myth; you can acheive by following these practical steps that will set you back on your feet and restore the lost glory where damage had been done. Faithfulness is, however, key to lasting results on this journey.