Timmy Trumpet With Smash Mouth On New Collab,“Camelot”

While the Marshmello and Carnage collaboration today might turn some heads, Timmy Trumpet (figuratively) saw that and went, “OK, bet.” His new song with ’90s phenom and “All Star” famous Smash Mouth, “Camelot,” is also out today. Of course, if you’ve been following Timmy lately, you’ll know this sort of collaboration isn’t entirely out of left field. Lately he’s teamed up with the likes of Scooter, Gabry Ponte, Vengaboys, Vitas, and more. That being said, getting Smash Mouth on a dance track is definitely notable.

“Camelot” might be an on-the-nose reference to their soundtrack from Shrek, but it’s never so clearly said. The song mixes Smash Mouth’s almost immediately-recognizable vocals with a bright piano rhythm and some of Timmy’s iconic trumpet. It’s fun if not all that memorable. Check it out below!

Photo via Rukes.com