Timmy Trumpet & Vengaboys Reimagine The 1998 Hit “Up & Down”

Raise your hand if you knew Vengaboys was still a thing? The group disbanded for a short while between 2002-2006 but they’ve actually been consistently releasing music for the past 10 years. Now, they’re back in 2020 teaming up with Timmy Trumpet to revitalize their 1998 hit, “Up & Down.” Vengaboys’ recognizable pop style garnered them the title of the most successful Dutch pop group in history, and now that same styling is getting a massive facelift in the EDM community thanks to Timmy Trumpet. As he did with Vitas just last month, Timmy is bringing old school classics back to life.

The new version is massively fun and super catchy, not to mention the awesomely fun video that comes along with it.

Vengaboys: “We’ve been following Timmy since his sensational gigs at Tomorrowland. During our Australian tour, we ended up in his studio in Sydney and made a festival version of ‘Up & Down’ just for fun. We were stoked and immediately could feel it was a hit in the making!”

Timmy Trumpet: “Artists like the Vengaboys shaped the music I make today so when I was given the opportunity to work with such an iconic group I jumped at it. From the very first time I played it in my set the response was so overwhelming we just had to release it!”

“Up & Down” is set to take to the airwaves and your favorite streaming platforms to ignite those feel-good vibes once more…all day long. Listen below!