Tiffany Villarreal Releases New EP “Wildflower” (Stream)

We’ve been on this journey with Tiffany Villarreal for well over a decade now, and glad to support as she’s just released her latest project “Wildflower” EP. The San Antonio native released her self titled debut album back in 2004, and we’ve been captivated ever since. Through the unique blend of latin and R&B genres, Villarreal has been able to touch the minds and spirits of her listeners.

For her latest project, she set out to craft a body of work that encompasses all she holds dear to her heart. She was adamant about using her platform to promote vulnerability and spread a positive message. Listeners are able to witness the graceful composure of Villarreal’s free spirit through melodic, ambient rhythm and harmony firsthand. She carefully formulated a new era of music whose goal is to motivate others into cultivating their own individuality from within themselves. Elements of self-love, friendship, and unconditional-love present themselves and resonate throughout the project.

The overall premise of adhering to the “reflection of a woman’s heart” comes into full effect by way of the feminine and the precise, delicate balance of each song’s production and lyricism. Music has always been a primary source of inner-peace for Villarreal and her EP “Wildflower,” aspires to be a safe-space for listeners to, in-turn, find their own inner-peace.