Tiffany & Co. Valentine’s Day Collection

Tiffany & Co. is collaborating with New York-based artist Curtis Kulig this Valentine’s Day, who is known for his signature “Love Me” mantra. This creative collaboration, dubbed “Blue is the Color of Love,” is a continuation of the American jeweller’s long history of collaborating with innovators and revolutionary artists.

Tiffany’s Valentine’s Day collection includes exclusive artworks with declarative messages such as “Dare Me,” “Know Me,” and “Kiss Me.” These messages are an evolution of the artist’s original “Love Me” concept, which was popular in New York in the mid-2000s. The iconic phrase became a “simple yet powerful plea” for love, appearing on everything from city walls to canvasses and neon lights.

Curtis Kulig, Tiffany & Co.

Image: Tiffany & Co.

The brand recontextualised the artist’s works in bold Tiffany Blue typography, reimagining this mantra for modern times. The artworks are on display alongside jewelry collections such as the recently released Tiffany Knot, Tiffany T1, and Tiffany HardWear. The campaign as a whole is a celebration of art, words, and love.

Tiffany HardWear Double Link Pendant

Tiffany Knot Double Row Hinged Bangle

Schlumberger Bird on a Rock Brooch in Platinum and 18k Yellow Gold with an Amethyst and Diamonds

Tiffany T T1 hinged bangle in 18k rose gold with diamonds. Tiffany T T1 wide hinged bangle in 18k yellow gold

Image: Tiffany & Co.

“‘Love Me’ was conceived as something very personal to me and it naturally grew into something that others interpret — that is what makes it interesting,” said Kulig. Explaining his latest works with the jeweller, he said, “My creative process with Tiffany & Co. was very natural.”

In 2021, the French conglomerate LVMH completed its acquisition of Tiffany & Co., and the company had since restructured its marketing strategy. From the controversial “Not Your Mother’s Tiffany” advertisements to enlisting top celebrities like Jay-Z and Beyoncé as ambassadors and collaborating with trending artists like Daniel Arsham, the brand is rebranding itself to appeal to a younger audience.

Whereas the majority of the world associates red with love, Tiffany & Co. is looking to shake things up by declaring that “Blue is the Color of Love,” a tell-tale sign that the brand is looking to reassert itself as the leading authority in the world of love and commitment.