Tiësto Brings the Festival to You with ‘Musical Freedom Unlimited’ Comp

Tiësto’s imprint just unleashed its inaugural compilation, Musical Freedom Unlimited. The first mega collab “The Drop” gives you a good idea of how this comp is going to go, setting the pace with explosive energy thanks to Tiësto and DJs From Mars vs. Rudeejay and Da Brozz. From there, Musical Freedom offers plenty more massive pairings — Antoine Delvig & Love For Justice, Valy Mo & Ravetek, Magnificence & AYOR, Holy Goof & Massappeals, and Sikdope & ALRT, etc.

Suddenly, we’re wishing we were in the heat of festival season, but this is exactly the kind of dance music we need to get us through the draught. Musical Freedom Unlimited is mostly hands up, fist-pumping action and we’re 100% here for it.

Tiësto’s message to fans — “Now that all festivals are cancelled we’ll bring the festival to you! Enjoy this burst of energy!!” Listen below.

Musical Freedom Unlimited

Photo via Rukes.com