Ticket registration for Ultra 2020 is now open

The last 12 months have been a wild ride for Ultra Music Festival. In that time, they’ve lost their longtime venue of Bayfront Park in Miami, moved to Virginia Key, thrown a festival, decided they didn’t want to be at Virginia Key anymore, and were approved again for Bayfront Park. The production and coordination team at the festival must be pulling their hair out, but fans are happy the festival is headed home next March.


Today, the festival has officially opened ticket registration for #Ultra2020 here. It’s scheduled for March 20-22 at Bayfront Park in Miami.

Lineup should come out around December time as is usually does, with phases to follow thereafter.

Ultra Music Festival 2020 should be a good indication of whether Ultra can maintain a return to form or if the last 12 months have been too tumultuous. Again, register for tickets here.

via youredm

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