Throwdown – Do or Die

After starting his project in 2018, Throwdown is has now officially dropped his first ever EP, and it’s on none other than Disciple Round Table. Strapped Up is four wild dubstep bangers, and we’ve got the premiere of “Do or Die” here below.

“Do or Die” is a caustic dubstep tune that feels as if you’re being thrown about in an aircraft in free fall, filled with acid. Each humongous kick is like slamming the side walls and each distorted synth as if you’re being tossed around like a rag doll with no control over where you land. It’s a dangerous and thrilling visual if you can tune into it.

Finally after years of hard work, sacrifice, and effort I’m releasing my first EP “Strapped Up” with the full support of Disciple Round Table. Being my first EP I wanted to do something that fully represents me as an artist and as a person, aggressive vibes and heavy drops in each and every track. – Throwdown

Check out “Do or Die” below and listen to the full EP here.