Throttle Continues His Evolution With Latest Track “Japan”

Have you ever been to Japan? While I’ve always been fascinated by the country, I can’t say I’ve ever been. You know who has been though? Throttle. And he loved the place so much he made a song about it hoping to capture the essence of the iconic nation with his new song “Japan.” “Japan” is Throttle’s second consecutive release on Monstercat and will be featured on his upcoming EP. Much like its predecessor “Dreamer,” this track showcases Throttle’s production abilities as he ventures into progressive house and future house territory.

The track starts out with some soft vocals layered over a slight synth pitch. As the vocals rise we get some snaps and guitar plucks, making this song a total vibe. After the verse, the synth notes that will become the drop start to build up, it’s a very stark melody. The drop combines the super bright synths with a hard hitting bassline. The same chord progression sets the tone for the rest of the song in the form of different synths. “Japan” is another entry into Throttle’s ever-growing catalog, and another step in a new musical direction for him.

“’Japan’ is a very special song for me. The production came to life on a recent trip to Tokyo, the city is so inspiring to me sonically, from the arcade games right down to the city’s metro jingles. I tried to replicate that experience through this song and I hope those who live in or have visited Tokyo would agree!” – Throttle

Get your first listen to Throttle’s latest track “Japan” out now on Monstercat.