Thrilling New Music Video For Rich Delinquent’s Track “No Saint” Marks His Comeback As A Pop Sensation

Rich Delinquent has created an irresistible brand around his project by fusing a dark combination of electronic, hip hop, and emo sounds together in his music. His music and visuals continue to stand out amid the competition. He is well known for incorporating pop culture villains and icons into his music, deftly fusing high-caliber production with intense dramas, and giving listeners a taste of Rich Delinquent’s addictive music every time.

With the eerie track “No Saint,” the gifted Australian artist is back. The music’s volatile lead character was influenced by Christian Bale’s Patrick Bateman from American Psycho. Rich masterfully depicts this possessed character’s thoughts through dramatic composition and captivating sound. Going from “zero to one hundred” to “moving slowly,” it’s difficult to avoid experiencing these perplexing feelings as whirling synth melodies try to carry your thoughts off into oblivion.