This Website Creates Your Perfect Festival Lineup Based On Your Spotify Account

Earlier this year, an app called Festify went viral for crawling your Spotify listening habits and pumping out a lineup of your most-listened artists for the festival to beat all festivals. It would create a unique lineup for you with your top 24 artists from the past month, past six months, and all time. While this was a good start, it lacked organization. That’s where “Take Me Here Festival” comes in. It essentially performs the same actions as Festify as far as crawling your listening habits, but it then organizes the artists into separate days and two stages.

All you need to do is go here and connect your Spotify account. Note: Don’t forget to go to your Spotify Account when you’re done and remove access to “Festival timeline generator.”

See below for mine (and what happens when you let your mom use your Spotify account…).


Photo via Doug Van Sant / Alive Coverage for Insomniac Events