This Tomorrowland Easter Egg Might’ve Revealed The 2020 Theme

Just as much as the lineup, Tomorrowland‘s attendees look forward to the big theme reveal each and every year. To celebrate the music festival’s 15th anniversary event, Tomorrowland brought back an old fan favorite — The Book of Wisdom — to mark the occasion. So, what’s next? Tomorrowland’s most recent main stage design, which included detailed book shelves, might just have the answer. As one person on Reddit points out, one of the titles included in the photo below reads Pyramids from Space. The strongest hint that this could be the 2020 theme is the “20” proudly placed at the top of the spine.

Pyramids from Space would certainly make for an interesting theme. Just imagine the stages transformed into ancient structures and Tomorrowland’s performers dressed up as aliens, Egyptians, or even alien Egyptians! The possibilities are endless when dealing with outer space.

We’re not 100% on this, obviously. What we do know is that Tomorrowland, as always, will bring it next year.

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Tomorrowland 2020 Theme: Pyramids from Space?

2020 Theme – Pyramids from space !? from Tomorrowland


Photo via Tomorrowland