This Producer Remade “Old Town Road” Using Only Horse Noises [WATCH]

Old Town Road” is one of the most played out and remixed tracks at the moment, and this one gives Diplo a run for his money. We say that with a hint of sarcasm — certainly not meant to devalue the work of producer and YouTuber KNOH, who remade the song using only horse noises. Why you ask? Because why not. It’s 2019 and we have Billy Ray Cyrus out here teaming up with Lil Nas X and Diplo. Now, KNOH has reconstructed the track using choice horse samples and crafty methods with Ableton Live instruments and effects. This is the horse-only version of the popular track we all deserve.

KNOH explains in the video’s description, “I decided to remake Old Town Road by Lil Nas using only horses samples! Horses are surprisingly musical.”

What do you think — yea or neigh?

“Old Town Road” But It’s Only Horses