‘This Livens Up the Day’ by indie band Rhythm Affair is bound to make your soul sob with its poignant libretto

The instrumental grandeur infused with the captivating vocal dexterity sums up the rejuvenating single ‘This Livens Up the Day’ by prominent band Rhythm Affair. One of the most interesting subgenres of rock music, Psychedelic rock lets you experience an idyllic reverie of ecstatic pleasure through its mesmerizing sonic tunes. Staying true to the acoustic feel of the genre eminent indie band Rhythm Affair encapsulates the rhythmic cadence of their soundscape employing their wondrous artistry. Their newest song ‘This Livens Up the Day’, from the album She Comes In Colors, deals with a much darker aspect of the society through its eloquent lyrical illustration. The song portrays the pain and the emotion of a lonely soul who ended up committing a heinous crime due to the years of immense suffering.

The Las Vegas-based indie band has successfully represented the genuine emotions through their emotive wordplay incorporated with breathtaking guitar riffs and syncopated instrumentation in ‘This Livens Up the Day’. The powerful vocal of Kevin Deon breathes life into his lyrical creation gliding smoothly with the melodic delicacy provided by Brian Giachetti. Rhythm Affair’s layered and complex musical structure resulted through their polished instrumentation is quite similar to the early works of Queensrÿche. Their harmonically opulent other works like ‘Stale Beer’, ‘Precious Days’, ‘Her Grave’, and ‘Sold To The Man’ have earned them wide recognition industry. Follow them on YouTube and enjoy their remarkable work.