This Is The No. 1 Most-Visited U.S. Retail Apparel Site

SimilarWeb, a company that provides web analytics services for businesses, reported that Macy’s is the number one U.S. retail apparel site with 55.7 million monthly visits. 

In the United States, Macy’s was ranked as 112th overall in terms of site visits and 550th globally. If that’s not astounding enough, 79.40 percent of the company’s traffic is organic while just 20.60 percent is paid for. SimilarWeb compared Macy’s with 10 other apparel sites and found that it represented 30 percent of the total traffic analyzed. 

The other 9 retail apparel sites are:

Nordstrom (25.8 million monthly visits) Gap (Over 25 million) Zappos (15 million) Victoria’s Secret (12.5 million) Teespring (12 million) Forever 21 (10.5 million) Adidas (10 million) DSW (9.6 million) ASOS (9.1 million)

In other news, Macy’s just launched its inclusive swimwear collection. The collection features 25 different brands such as Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Jessica Simpson, Michael Kors and Tommy Hilfiger. From cut-out one-pieces to high-waisted bikinis, these pieces aim to make swimsuit shopping fun again. 

Becca, Color Play Crochet Belted One-Piece Swimsuit in Merlot, $128 at Macy’s