This Epic House Party Had Grandmas For Security & An Octopus Bartender [VIDEO]

What’s your idea of the most epic house party? Does it mirror movies like Superbad or 21 & Over? Or do you imagine something bigger, like Animal House or Project X? No matter what you think, it probably doesn’t hold a candle to the real life house party thrown by Skream and Elrow.

Skream and Elrow decided to create an Epic House Party at London’s newest venue, Magazine, that waved goodbye to those party frustrations we could definitely do without. A night where no time was wasted queuing up for drinks (thanks to the giant octopus bartender serving eight drinks at a time), and where the security welcomed partygoers in with open arms thanks to the band of friendly security (grandmas) at the door! 

No telling if this was a one-night affair or something more sustainable, but for one night only, this group had the night of their lives. Check out the video below.