Things Every Women Should Know

The relationship between physical and mental health is not something new; in fact, there have been many studies about it over the years. Many researchers claim that a healthy brain cannot exist in the absence of other organs. So it is equally important to pay attention to the rest of our body in general.

We can start by talking about physical activity, which not only directly influences the appearance of our body but also the condition of our brain. It is common that when anxiety or depression is suffered. Doctors recommend doing some kind of physical activity or playing a sport. That helps us regulate our mood and even hormones.

In the case of women, it is also proven that the way they look in conjunction with their perception of themselves. Their relationship with society is a major factor influencing their emotional health. Women are more prone than men to suffer from depression and anxiety. This happens both by social situations, such as gender socialization and by chemical alterations in their body linked. For example, to menstruation or childbirth.

It is also known that the more aerobic activity is carried out, the lower the neuronal degeneration is. As mentioned above, the condition of the brain has a direct impact on the state and functionality of the rest of the organs, and vice versa.

We have that the reactions derived from anxiety, sadness, depression, and anger, which reach too intense or infrequent levels, tend to produce changes in behavior. That routine healthy habits such as exercise or proper diet are forgotten and, in some cases, addictive behaviors that endanger health such as alcoholism or smoking can be developed.

In this vein, we have the emotional reactions that maintain intense levels of physiological activation. On the other hand, it can deteriorate our health if they become chronic. For example, patients with high blood pressure, asthma, chronic headaches. Or different types of dermatitis, have higher levels of anxiety and anger than the general population.

Women and good rest

Something that many people forget to pay attention to is good to rest. Getting enough sleep is not only something positive that makes us feel relaxed, as it happens to everyone but also brings many health benefits, both physical and mental.

When we rest, our body recovers and restores through several phases that occur during the rest cycle. Getting enough sleep is essential for health and well-being. Furthermore, it can influence memory, mood, and even blood pressure.

Women need to sleep for more and need better rest. Derived from the functionality of the brain, we have that women are “multitasking” but this effect can be a bit exhausting. Experts have proven that women need more sleep than men for this reason. They have not only quantified how much extra rest time they need. Which is between 20 and 40 minutes, but they have also seen that lack of sleep harms women more than men.

Nonetheless, women usually rest much less. This happens due to multiple factors. Among which the following stand out the concerns generated by the daily activities that must be carried out. If they are pregnant, they tend to rest worse due to excess weight. The position of the fetus, childcare and, in many cases, menstruation, menopause, and hormonal imbalances. Moreover, women are lighter sleepers and often wake up more times at night.

If you are a woman and reading this article, worry about yourself and try to rest some hours a day. That way, both your body and your brain will thank you. Always remember how important it is to rest.