THIEVES Gives The Religious Perspective To The Satanism In EDM Debate

This past weekend, Mersiv found himself in hot water after calling out DJs who use satanism and “dark evil shit” to push their branding. Predictably, tons of DJs called him out and responded, voicing their own opinions in support of Satanic branding, the use of 666, pentagrams, horns, what have you.


On the other side of the coin, however, THIEVES offers a more thought out, logical, religious perspective to the debate.

Though THIEVES’ interpretation of modern day Satanism misses the mark (the first tenet being one should strive to act with compassion and empathy toward all creatures in accordance with reason; read more here), he offers a valid response to the troves of DJs who responded to Mersiv originally.

Personally, my view on Satan/Lucifer aligns more closely with the tortured soul/fallen son depicted in the TV show, Lucifer, but really that’s beside the point here.

Read below for THIEVES’ opinion on Satan, God, and evil in EDM.

idk why some people grow up thinking satan “the guy that philosophically is the purpose for evil shit” is a cool thing to celebrate lol like I can understand those against religion but are for satan? So I guess everyone just an active satanist promoting evil across the world 🤷🏾‍♂️

— THIEVES (@yoTHIEVES) October 21, 2019

and then when lil Tommy wanna shoot up a school and has all these cult writings and 666 in his lil notebook we act like our influence doesn’t bring negativity even further to the world. if you don’t wanna believe in God thats your choice but why we promoting evil and death? idk

— THIEVES (@yoTHIEVES) October 21, 2019

you can not believe in God and also not promote the work of the devil unless people who hop on the satan trend don’t believe in Satan either and just push the brand for the clout, which is just as influential. Lil Tommy don’t know the difference…he’s just in a dark place.

— THIEVES (@yoTHIEVES) October 21, 2019

if the whole world just believed in God as a basis for doing the right thing and we all just promoted selfless acts towards one another orrrrrrr the whole world are satanists and we promote on evil, disease outbreak, and Trump as president…

2020 a short film

— THIEVES (@yoTHIEVES) October 21, 2019

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