These Rosan Diamond Credit Cards are VISA Certified, Custom Made, and Worth $50K

Composed of the rarest and most precious materials, Rosan Diamond’s custom made credit cards take spending, art and opulence to a greater level. Born from the idea of ‘devalued money’, Diamond’s Art Collection credit cards offer a new perspective on traditional plastic currency whilst combining the latest attainments of technology.

Creating one-of-a-kind artwork for an object that would seem incredibly unsuited for it, Rosan Diamond established her brand in 2000 – collaborating with an array of designers and craftsmen and drawing inspiration from ancient mythology, modern motifs, classical themes of world history, and the works of other great artists.

Offering pre-made cards worth anywhere from $18,000 to $34,000 and custom-made alternatives valued at over $50,000, her revolutionary, VISA certified, gold-and-gem-encrusted cards aim to bring consumers a sense of renewed individuality and admiration for both art and finances – with designs that express each holder’s unique personality, outlook, and principle.