These Dip Powder Nail Kits Make At-Home Manicures Easy

We all want manicures that last more than two weeks and won’t chip easily. And let’s face it: gel manicures just don’t cut it. The solution? A dip powder manicure.

The DIY manicure lasts up to four weeks, but involves more steps than your average nail sesh. After prepping your nails, start with a bond polish to prevent lifting. Then comes the base coat. Follow that up by dipping your nails into a primer-like powder followed by another coat of the bond polish. Dip your nails into your powder color of choice and buff away any excess. Apply another base coat, then dip again to seal the pigment in place. Finally, brush on one last base coat and let your nails dry.

Since the dip powder method features quite a few chemically formulated products, you should also create a solid nail care routine to keep your nails hydrated and healthy, especially if they’re on the brittle side.


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