These Countries Across The World Are Ideal For An Adventurous Vacation

Some individuals use vacation time to unwind and spend two weeks lounging by the pool, but for many people, the idea of traveling to a new location and taking in the many views is the stuff of fantasies. Injecting some adventure into your life is a sure-fire way to feel it has been fully lived, from climbing mountains to jumping out of planes, sightseeing by helicopter and white-water rafting, cruising to the ends of the earth, hiking through rainforests, finding ruins of ancient civilisations, and so much more. And whether you choose to travel alone, with friends, as a couple, with family, or in groups, there are endless ways to have an exhilarating, exciting time. Fasten your seatbelts as these countries across the world are ideal for an adventurous vacation. The world is full of wonderful destinations that are ready and waiting to be explored whichever you like to do this.

The active Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica

It won’t come as a surprise to see Costa Rica on this list as the Central American country is well known for its diverse landscape and natural wonder

Costa Rica

Since Costa Rica is well recognized for its varied terrain and natural attractions, its inclusion on this list shouldn’t come as a surprise. The “jewel of Central America” offers a lot to see, from the jungle to the coast to the volcano, but what truly makes it stand out is the profusion of species. As you zipline through a forest or hike through the jungle, you can see jaguars, toucans, sloths, tree frogs, and more. The country’s Pacific coast offers some of the best surfing opportunities, and Costa Rica is a leader in ecotourism.


The natural terrain of the UK makes it a wonderful area to base yourself for your adventure trip if you don’t want going too far from home (assuming you reside in the UK, of course!). Goliaths like Ben Nevis in Scotland and Snowdon in Wales gives avid hikers and climbers with a superb variety of terrain for varied levels, while the National Parks that are peppered throughout provide trekking, horse riding, ambitious bike routes, kayaking, wild camping and the like.


Lying on Argentina’s barren eastern Patagonian coast, this oddly shaped peninsula is home to some of the country’s richest wildlife. Image credit: Phase4Photography/


Argentina has a diverse range of landscapes to discover, from bustling Buenos Aires to the “end of the earth” in Ushuaia, with many mountains, ice fields, and lush lakes in between. The magnificent South American nation has a lot to offer, and the Patagonia wilds are guaranteed to satisfy. Trekking, horseback riding, skiing, and more. Aconcagua is the tallest peak on the continent, and climbers will undoubtedly be eager to attempt its summit. The southernmost point of the nation also serves as a launchpad for expeditions to Antarctica.

New Zealand

There are many ways to explore the genuinely beautiful landscapes that make up New Zealand, including lakes, volcanoes, fjords, and rocky beaches. But why not take the chance to add some adventure to the experience? Try trekking for a more leisurely tour; after all, the nation has some of the greatest long-distance walking routes in the world. If you prefer more adrenaline-pumping activities, try kayaking, bungee jumping, riding in a helicopter, or delving underground.


Nepal is home to eight of the world’s 8000m peaks, while the blend of landscapes, from terraced farmland to rich forest to colossal peaks


The world’s mountaineers will undoubtedly have Nepal’s behemoth in their sights as the ascent of Everest, the tallest peak in the world, would undoubtedly be on the bucket list of every mountain enthusiast or ardent trekker. Mount Everest is not the only thing to see in this Himalayan country, which is also home to eight of the world’s 8000-meter peaks. The diversity of the country’s landscapes, which range from terraced agriculture to dense forest to enormous peaks, is enough to astound any tourist.


The northern European nation of Norway is renowned for its attention-grabbing landscape, which includes deep fjords, massive mountains, and expansive glaciers. It is the ideal destination for an adventurous vacation. The northern region of the nation will wow as the wilderness offers some remarkable experiences. The mountains provide for a perfect site to walk and ride on in the hot months and ski or snowboard down in the winter months. Enter the Arctic Circle and prepare to be outnumbered by polar bears. You may also go on dog sledding excursions and whale watching excursions. To finish off your vacation, try to see the northern lights dancing across the night sky.

Cape Town

Cape Town is a modern, cosmopolitan city surrounded by nature

South Africa

If you have a sense of adventure in your veins, plan a trip to this amazing nation now, which is located at the southernmost extremity of the African continent. You won’t be disappointed with the variety of ways to explore and learn about this lovely country, which range from top cycling routes around Cape Town to world-class safaris in and around Kruger National Park (Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve is definitely worth checking out) and hiking trails, rock-climbing locations, whale-watching, diving, and more.


Brazil, the largest nation in South America, must be the one to achieve something larger and better than the others. Expect your experiences to be supersized, from Rio de Janeiro’s renowned and vibrant carnival to the vast Amazon rainforest and river, Iguazu – the world’s biggest waterfall system – to the Pantanal wetlands. Enjoy a journey into the heart of the Amazon and take pleasure in canoeing, kayaking, and walking as you learn about some of the local flora and animals.

Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon in the USA offers breath-taking sights and plenty of opportunity for adventure


The 50 states that make up the USA have a sizable territory and nearly every type of terrain conceivable, so they undoubtedly have a lot to offer the adventurous traveler. The rocky mountain peaks of the Rockies will undoubtedly entice climbers and hikers, skiers will like Colorado, the Grand Canyon offers breathtaking views and lots of adventure opportunities, and Alaska’s wildness will astound you. Forests, vast plains, surfing on the Pacific Coast, rafting options abound in enormous rivers, deserts, Hawaii’s volcanoes, and so much more may be enjoyed here.


Australia is deserving of a spot on this lineup for a variety of reasons, including undersea exploration at the Great Barrier Reef, water activities like surfing, boating, scuba diving, and more along the abundant coastline, as well as exploration of the huge interior environment. While Ayres Rock should not be missed, cyclists should travel the Great Ocean Road. For a memorable experience, why not take a helicopter trip at dusk? The 30,000 miles of breathtaking coastline make this place feel like it has unlimited opportunity, while the Outback offers lots of adventure.


Canada’s Nova scotia in the east provides water-based activities in great supply from whale watching to sailing to fishing


Canada is likely to please any kind of adventure traveler with its abundance of exploring choices. While the western Rockies are ideal for skiing, hiking, mountain biking, and other activities, vast areas of land are covered in forest simply asking to be explored. Whale watching, sailing, and fishing are all popular water sports in Nova Scotia, which is located in the east. Churchill, Manitoba, in the north, is an excellent place to see polar bears.