These Cannabis Fragrances Actually Smell Great (We Swear)

Cannabis beauty products are trending, but when it comes to fragrance, many of us are afraid to embrace the herbal aroma. (Weed’s trademark scent can be off-putting, not something we want to spray all over.) But believe it or not, there are some cannabis-based scents that smell downright delightful.

The trick when shopping for cannabis fragrances is to always go for richer, more complex bases, preferably ones without a strong fruity finish. Bergamot or moss accord add a real richness to cannabis’ earthy notes, transforming it into a scent you’ll be more than willing to rock all day long.

The other key is to stick to your usual go-to scents and look for perfumes boasting hints of cannabis-infused oil or flowers. And don’t shy away from florals — they often complement cannabis well and bring out its freshness.

Here are the best perfumes that’ll make you a cannabis convert.

Hemp & Ginger Eau de Parfum, $150 at Bloomingdale’s

This subtle number features wonderfully rich ginger and cardamom notes highlighted by a kicky hemp essence, which unifies the scent palette. It has a very clean, non-fruity aroma ideal for everyday wear.

Cannabis Infused Perfume Oil, $60 at The Dreslyn

This perfume oil is made with cannabis sativa seed oil and has a patchouli and dry amber base with citrus and bergamot top notes for a velvety finish. Basically, your standard summery scent with a twist.

Chronic Eau de Parfum, $175 at Opumo

Cult brand 19-69 is famous for its sophisticated creations and this herbal-scented perfume is no exception. It mainly relies on bitter grapefruit, cannabis accord and moss, but also has notes of amber, vetiver and musk to add a little spice.

Cannabis Perfume Oil, $52 at Bloomingdale’s

Perhaps one of the most interesting fragrances you’ll come across, this scented oil has a lingering smokiness thanks to its wood-oak moss essence. It also features hints of sweet patchouli and citrus for a truly seductive scent.

Replica Music Festival Eau de Toilette, $126 at Nordstrom

Music festival season is a wrap, but you can take a little reminder into fall. This Woodstock-inspired number has heady notes of cannabis, incense oil and leather accord. It’s the kind of freshness we’re looking for in a cannabis scent.

Eau de Parfum – George, $77 at Net-a-Porter

The fashion titan’s cannabis flower fragrance has a dispersed floral scent and is infused with violet leaves, rose and jasmine. The base is made of citrusy chypre for a welcome mix of floral and tropical aromas.