These Are Things You Need To Know When You Decide To Wax Your Bikini Line At Home

Waxing might sound like a painful alternative to shaving, but razor bumps and the ugly black spots caused by the shaving stick are a huge confidence shrinker. This has led many women to ask the same question: “how do I give myself a bikini wax?”. So, if you’re tired of the shaving stick and the itchy bumps they cause, press enter on this one. Whether you’re too self-conscious about baring it all for someone else to do the waxing, or you just don’t have a budget for it, waxing your bikini line at home is something you could try. It might sound like a daunting task when you think about the whole concept of it but once you get a hang of this method we’re about to share, it’ll be shocking how painless the procedure could be. Easy as pie.

These Are Things You Need To Know When You Decide To Wax Your Bikini Line At Home

Photo: Kate Hliznitsova | Unsplash

Waxing vs shaving

These Are Things You Need To Know When You Decide To Wax Your Bikini Line At Home

Photo: The Creative Exchange | Unsplash

An age old argument. Well, we aren’t going to straight up tell you which is better (to each her own), but having a smooth coochie for at least 3 weeks with zero itchiness and irritation all within a pea-sized budget is indeed a miracle.

What are the different waxing options?

Purchase either:

A one-time wax strips or reusable strips. These cost only a few bucks, or
Homemade bikini line wax. If you’re feeling a little DIY-ish, then I’ve got just the right recipe for you.

Things you need to make homemade wax

Wax applicators
Wax warmers/Microwave
Wax collars
Choice oils (preferably coconut or olive).


The usual ratio is four parts rosin to one part beeswax.
Then add preferred oils sparingly.
Mix properly then put into the wax warmer or microwave for 15 minutes on a high setting to melt the mixture.
Although products may vary, check-in for product direction on how many minutes to melt hard wax. If you’re using a microwave, it’s still okay but you should consider investing in a wax warmer. They are better regulators and are mobile enough to go into the bathroom with you.
The right consistency is like that of a warm syrup or honey.
To test the temperature of the warm wax, apply a little on your forearm, the skin here is as thin as that of the vagina area. If it stings, then wait a bit for it to get warm enough. This is no heat contest, avoid hot wax! That’s an E.R situation waiting to happen.


Once the wax is ready, ensure you’re not hanging. Find a comfortable position because you’re going to be here for a minute as you’ll be applying the wax in sections. If you are here for just the bikini line, that will be quicker, but if it’s a full-blown Brazilian wax, grab you a full glass of water and relax.

Soak up yourself

These Are Things You Need To Know When You Decide To Wax Your Bikini Line At Home

Photo: Monstera | Pexels

It’s advised to stay hydrated pre-wax. Alongside soaking up and moisturizing days leading to waxing, take a shower for 5-10 minutes to soften the coochie area. This would allow the wax to release more easily. Avoid moisturizing on the D-day so it won’t tamper with the grip of the wax. Drink lots of water as well before and after waxing.

Get a mirror

This is where it starts to get weird especially for a beginner, but it is a necessity when giving yourself a bikini wax. And think about it, it is more comfortable looking at your coochie than a total stranger. (It’s not like these professionals are moved anyways). Even if you know your body like the back of your hands, you still need a mirror with proper lighting strategically placed before you to ensure no stray hair survives while you sit on a thick cloth to make waxing your bikini line at home less messy.

The application

These Are Things You Need To Know When You Decide To Wax Your Bikini Line At Home

Photo: Kate Hliznitsova | Unsplash

The dreaded moment is finally here and you’re on the verge of packing up as you regurgitate the thoughts of how painful waxing your bikini line at home could be. Trust me, this picture of excruciating pain is a clever sabotage by shaving stick lovers (just kidding, but it will be almost painless with these tips). Whatever type of wax you choose, apply a light layer in the direction of hair growth. It’s convenient to start from the pubic bone area because it’s flat and even. Gently proceed to the trickier sections. Now let’s get to business.

The removal

Don’t be tempted to sluggishly yank off the wax strip or take it out in breaks, this would only make it more painful with loose hair unaccounted for, so be confident and steady when pulling off the strip. After this, proceed to the thigh crease and then the not-so-amiable labia area. Remember to wax the same areas more than once but not too much that the skin gets sensitive (you will be able to tell). At this point, you’re quite done but there’s one more thing if you’re willing to zoom in on your vajayjay with your mirror to ensure there are no stray hair strands. Get used to the view, girl it’s all yours.

Congratulations are in order at this juncture as you wrap up with a well-deserved shower to rid your body of any sticky residue. Well done!

Bonus tips when giving yourself a bikini wax:

Allow for the hair to be grown along the bikini line before you wax yourself. This way, there can be enough hair for the wax to get stuck in. This would result in a smoother outcome.
Don’t make the wax too thick, this makes it more difficult to yank off. If it’s not syrupy then keep melting.
You might notice slight redness down there, this is normal for someone who spent the past minutes yanking off hair from the most sensitive part of her body.
Don’t be in a hurry to dress up, allow for air influx. You’ll be bragging soon about how you have been waxing your bikini line at home alongside your pockets bursting with gratitude. You’re welcome.

Featured Image: Chalo Garcia | Unsplash