These Are NCDC Guidelines On The Use Of Cloth Face Masks

Being protective of our space and being safety and health-conscious has become the new normal in these times of the coronavirus pandemic. Even as the lockdown has been eased in some parts of the world, safety precautions are still being preached on a daily and in Nigeria, the Federal Government alongside the Nigeria Centre For Disease Control (NCDC) has mandated the use of the cloth face mask. The cloth face mask is here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future, and it is even more important than wearing shoes before leaving your house as you stand a chance of being prosecuted without your face mask on. While a face mask without the right filter isn’t fully protective, wearing one helps you avoid touching your face, especially your mouth and nose. It also lowers your risk of getting infected while out and about as well as help protect people around you if you happen to be infected with COVID-19 but do not show symptoms yet.

Here’s what the NCDC wants you to know on the use of cloth face masks…


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Featured Image: Instagram | Tiannahsplacempire