THELEM Drops Bone-Chilling 4-Track ‘ANALOGIC’ EP

Whilst digging through SoundCloud for next up music and artists, THELEM captured our attention with his “ANALOGIC (CLIP)” and we were down the rabbit hole once again without hesitation. THELEM blew us away with “Clickbait” and “Tuck It” — and fast-forward to now and the ANALOGIC EP is making rounds with his inventive take on bass music. The new EP is stacked with four insane productions, including one collaboration with ONHELL, as each drags us deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole. He has uncovered some of the most menacing sounds imaginable and run with them, showcasing a borderline freeform world that translates through bass heavy rhyme and reason.

The producer shares the story behind the title track via SoundCloud comment: “Funny story about the stabs, I was messing around recording sounds from synth, ended up with that horror kind of tone out of pure accident lol. Put them in sampler and played with pitch and that’s how tune was born lol :D”

With so-called Spooky Season upon us, there’s no better soundtrack than this — starting off with the Psycho-esque stab he first stumbled upon heard in “ANALOGIC.”

Listen here and link up with THELEM below!