The World’s Most Expensive Hotel Room Designed by Damien Hirst

When it comes to infamously priced hotel suites, the world’s most expensive hotel room used to be a classically luxurious stay with immense provenance – at $80,000 a night, the Royal Penthouse Suite in Geneva’s Hotel President Wilson (named for the former US president and founder of the League of Nations, progenitor of the United Nations) was hard to beat. That is until Damien Hirst had his way with the new Sky Villa at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas.

Introducing the World’s Most Expensive Hotel Room, “Empathy” Sky Villa, Palms Casino Resort Las Vegas Designed by Damien Hirst

From 13-foot-long tiger sharks suspended in formaldehyde to a pill cabinet work filled with diamonds, this is the world’s most expensive hotel room custom-designed by British contemporary artist, Damien Hirst, after its $690 million renovation. Known to create work out of dead animal displays and spin-art painting, the hotel room is a collaboration between Hirst’s architectural firm (Bentel & Bentel) and local firm Klai Juba Wald Architects.

Presenting contemporary art in a unique way, the suite is named the ‘Empathy Suite’. “The Empathy Suite designed by Damien Hirst is the pinnacle of luxury combining museum-worthy art and truly legendary hospitality experience for the discerning hotel aficionado and casino guest looking for a once-in-a-lifetime Las Vegas stay,” said Jon Gray, Palms general manager. Dramatic and cool, the two-storey suite is an immersive art experience for those who are willing to spend $100K a night.

The suite offers two master bedrooms and an outdoor pool overlooking the Las Vegas Strip, along with numerous lounges that can fit over 50 people, massage rooms, a salt relaxation room, a gym, two bathrooms and a powder room. After checking-in to the Empathy Suite, guests receive 24-hour butler service, chauffeured car service, a private art tour of the hotel property, and a US$10,000 credit to use at the hotel.

Hirst’s artistic touches can be seen everywhere throughout the 9,000-square-foot villa. Guests will find his famous pharmaceutical art surrounding glass walls and floor and butterflies print surrounding the massage room and outdoor pool. The suite itself houses a 13-seat curved bar created by Hirst, featuring artwork titled ‘Here for a Good Time, Not a Long Time (2018)’. The two-part hanging sculpture is one of the six works, made specifically for the suite.

Apart from artworks from Heist, the suite features impressive artwork, including works by Takashi Murakami, KAWS, Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat – turning the suite into a museum. 

Hirst commented of the collaboration, “I love what Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta have done with the Palms. It’s amazing being able to work with them because they are great collectors and totally understand art. They have allowed me to create a suite in the hotel and design everything and completely fill it with my art.”

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