The World’s First Space Lounge Is Unveiled By Space Perspective

Image: Space Perspective

Space tourism startup Space Perspective unveiled the world’s first zero-emission spaceship’s adjustable cabins. The ‘Space Lounge’ aboard Spaceship Neptune, which costs US$125,000 per person, promises an unrivaled six-hour ride with 360-degree panoramic views of planet Earth from 30 kilometers above.

The futuristic floating capsule, which can accommodate up to eight passengers each journey, has reclining chairs, a bar, a washroom with large windows, in-flight WiFi, a telescope, and interactive screens. The interiors are created entirely of sustainable materials, including a handmade bar made with proprietary elements recovered from the capsule’s distinctive SpaceBalloon. Plants and herbs such as lavender, basil, and rosemary will be used to remind guests of “the interrelated nature of our earth.” These substances are used in the preparation of food and beverages.

Space Neptune employs NASA-tested flying technology according to space travel specialists and creators Jane Poynter and Taber Maccallum. With a hydrogen-filled balloon the length of a football stadium, the capsule will launch from Kennedy Space Center. It will then soar to the edge of the stratosphere at a cruising speed of 12 mph before gently dropping off the coast of Florida.

In an interview with Robb Report, Co-CEO Poynter stated, “We’re determined to radically transforming the way people have access to space — both to do much-needed research to help life on Earth and to influence how we perceive and connect with our planet.” “Seeing Earth as a planet, a spacecraft for all mankind and our global ecology, is more important than ever today.”

The Spaceship Neptune takes off before dawn, allowing passengers to enjoy the rising sun while traveling 100,000 feet to the edge of space. The firm has hired hospitality and entertainment entrepreneur David Grutman as the Experience Curator to provide the best possible experience. Grutman, who is known for his restaurant and nightclub operations in Miami, will advise on the whole journey, from arrival through in-flight and post-landing.

Image: Space Perspective

“Space Perspective’s world-class crew is on a mission to transform people’s minds about what adventure travel can be. We have a lot of ideas for how we might personalize the voyage, from birthday parties and business retreats to creating crucial moments that will captivate everyone’s imagination,” Grutman said.

Guests may personalize their flight, which adds to its transformational and out-of-this-world features. Individual preferences may be included into each flight, from the onboard restaurant to the lighting and audio, for the ultimate personalised space vacation.

Image: Space Perspective

In addition, Space Perspective is the first space travel firm to accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment. Commercial flights are expected to begin in late 2024, according to Forbes, with 600 tickets already sold. The firm is now taking reservations for the years 2025 and beyond. At, you may reserve a seat in space!