The World’s First Luxury Fashion House For Dogs Debuts

There’s a luxury fashion house for dogs. American petwear brand Pagerie has released its debut collection Sahara, featuring a leather dog collar, leash and harness treated in the same tannery as Hermès’s coveted Birkin bags. Deemed the first of its kind, Pagerie is not just any form of high fashion, it is dog couture. Priding themselves in how they care for and present those they love, Pagerie provides opportunity for dog lovers everywhere to share their immaculate sense of style and fashion with the most beloved members of the family.

Constructed entirely by hand using sandy-hued, full-grain French leather and the same marine-grade stainless steel normally reserved for making yachts, the Pagerie Sahara collection showcases a minimalist design and form-fitting silhouette reminiscent of equestrian equipment. Specifically intended to conform to the shapes and contours of an average dog, without appearing too striking and overpowering, the brand opted for the most durable and sustainable option available – real, vegetable-tanned leather. Unlike faux leather made from synthetic plastic (PVC), the vegetable tanning process of real leather is biodegradable and reduces the output of toxic chemicals, making Pagerie products sustainable and environmentally conscious.

Worth anywhere from $380 and beyond, the Dórro collar is the cheapest item in the collection and comes with a buckle that can be adjusted to its wearer upon first use. Despite the jaw-dropping price, Pagerie encourages thoughtful consumption, urging pet owners to value quality over quantity, “Quality costs more but it can last a lifetime. When my team and I developed the designs for Pagerie, we made them to be timeless, high-quality pieces that would never go out of style or need to be disposed of or replaced.”

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