The videos of ‘Agent Amsterdam’ and ‘Valentine’ by Lailien have brought in to charm to the entire presentation

Having enthralled the audience with impeccable musicianship, the talented artist Lailien captures more hearts with the videos of ‘Agent Amsterdam’ and ‘Valentine’. The Toronto based gifted artist Lailien has dished out the music videos of latest tracks ‘Agent Amsterdam’ and ‘Valentine’, which have magnified the impact of the presentation of the soundtracks in a much greater way. Both of these tracks have already turned the heads of the global audience towards the fascinating artistry and creative brilliance of the artist. Be it the soundscape, the backdrop, or the enchanting sound design – each ingredient of the track has kept the listeners engaged. And, top of all of this, the performance of the artist has added the much-needed charming appeal to the entire premise.

Lailien – Valentine (Cinematic Lyric Video)

The presentation of ‘Agent Amsterdam’ has provided the audience a fine balance of various ingredients arranged by the artist himself; skepticism against certainty and nonsense versus reason. Heavily influenced by the ambition of Lailien to acquire knowledge about the musical senses and how it can bridge the gap between him and the audience, the music video has treated the audience with a visual pleasure. And, through the video of ‘Valentine’, the artist has portrayed a sequence of emotions and romanticism, in terms of all the aspects. The cinematic ambiance has allured the musical senses of the listeners. The journey of both of these musical masterpieces is worth spending time within.

Lailien – Agent Amsterdam (Cinematic Lyric Video)

Link to music video (Agent Amsterdam)

Link to the music video (Valentine)

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