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The Ultimate Leg Workout Guide

Look, we all know that coaching legs isn’t any stroll on the treadmill. Unlike biceps, chest, and shoulders, they don’t notably provide help to look ‘bigger’. And huge legs means skinny denims are out. Which, on second ideas, won’t be such a foul factor. Oh, and coaching legs hurts?

Two days of not with the ability to stroll won’t be your thought of enjoyable, however belief us, there are large advantages to be gained from giving your legs a lift. Least of all the truth that you gained’t look out of proportion with a beefed-up higher physique and twig legs.

With that in thoughts, we requested a trio of professional leg-day aficionados to show us easy methods to love leg day, and why it issues a lot.

The Experts

Keith McNiven, founder of non-public coaching firm Right Path FitnessFrankie Foster is a health professional at power and conditioning hub Health club66James Castle-Mason is a coach at London’s elite gymnasium Roar Fitness

Why Bother With Leg Day?

“Guys often focus on their upper bodies, but legs need just as much attention, unless you like the top heavy with spindly legs look,” says McNiven. “When you have strong legs it provides stability and greater core strength, and actually makes pretty much every daily job and activity you can think of easier.”

Just not the very subsequent day, when the DOMS strke.

“Leg training is probably most people’s least favourite part of the body to work,” provides Castle-Mason. “Let’s be honest, everyone is all too keen to see growth of the arms and chest, but leg day is the one everyone dreads (unless you’re a bit of a sadist).”

If you’re nonetheless all concerning the higher physique, then consider it this fashion: coaching your legs will provide help to get a stronger higher physique too since you’ll be capable to carry out the workout routines from a stronger base.

Foster, nevertheless, argues that legs coaching is gaining floor. “Leg training has become more popular in recent years and rightly so. ‘How much do you bench?’ is heard less, and people are more interested in what you can squat or how ‘functional’ and explosive you are.”

Athlete Practicing Start on 100m Sprint

It’s this useful health that’s maybe most vital. Rather than fascinated about your legs as muscle groups to be skilled in their very own proper since you need huge legs, consider them as a solution to complement your coaching in different areas. They may profit you in additional areas than you realise.

Not solely has heavy leg coaching been related to elevated ranges of the expansion hormone testosterone (which is able to provide help to construct muscle all around the physique), coaching your glutes particularly can profit the sedentary employee. For those that sit at desks all day, tight hip flexors and a weak set of glutes are inevitable until some kind of coaching is finished to offset this. Tightness and weak spot in these areas can result in power decrease again ache and posture issues.

And, as Foster explains, coaching legs can have a big impact on any sports activities you may play: “Stronger and more explosive legs are going to improve your performance in most sports as we need to run, jump, and change direction effectively.”

Athlete vertical jumping

Plus, in addition to providing you with the decrease physique of a Kardashian, leg workout routines are famend fats burners as a consequence of them being compound actions, roping in a number of the largest muscle groups within the physique. The larger the muscle, the extra vitality it must carry out, thus the extra energy it consumes.

The Best Leg Exercises For Strength

“For building strength, power and stability in your legs, work on developing your quads,” advises McNiven. “The quads or quadriceps are made up of four muscles: the vastus lateralis on the outer thigh, the vastus medialis on the inner thigh, and the rectus femoris between the two. The vastus intermedius sits underneath. Developing your quads means squats and lots of them so get in the reps with wall squats, sissy squats and barbell hack squats. And as well as your quads, work on your calves too with some dumbbell calf jumps.”

Wall Squats

Stand together with your head and again pressed in opposition to a wall. Position your ft shoulder-width aside, and slide your ft in entrance of your physique. Keep your arms at your sides and your again in opposition to the wall, and squat till your thighs are parallel to the ground.

Sissy Squats

Ignore the dumb identify, that is a complicated leg transfer. Standing upright, together with your ft at shoulder width and toes raised, use one arm to take care of steadiness whereas bending on the knees and slowly reducing your torso towards the bottom (bending backwards) by bringing your pelvis and knees ahead. When your higher and decrease legs nearly create a 90-degree angle, use your thigh muscle groups to carry your torso again as much as the beginning place.

Barbell Hack Squats

Place the barbell on the ground behind you. Step in entrance of it, ft shoulder-width aside, and attain down and seize the bar with an overhand, shoulder-width grip. Keeping your chest up and again straight, press up by the legs. Then slowly decrease the burden again right down to the ground. As with all squats, be vigilant to not spherical your again.

Dumbbell Calf Jumps

Stand up straight whereas holding a dumbbell in every hand. Jump up and down utilizing simply your toes; solely bend your knees barely and don’t let your heels contact the bottom.

Romanian Deadlift

Stand up straight together with your ft shoulder-width aside whereas holding a barbell at hip degree. Keeping your shoulders again and your knees barely bent, decrease the bar by transferring your butt again right into a squat so far as you possibly can. Keep the bar near your physique, and return to the beginning place by driving the hips ahead to face up tall.

Goblet Squat

Stand up straight whereas holding a dumbbell up vertically between your palms. Position your ft shoulder-width aside and squat till your higher thighs are parallel to the ground. At the underside, brush your elbows down the within of your legs and push your knees out. Press again up and repeat.

Not positive what correct type appears like? As at all times, it’s a good suggestion to ask a coach at your native gymnasium, or try Instagram health vids to get a dwell information to getting it proper. When you’ve acquired squats and deadlifts down, you may wish to combine it up with the again squat, favoured by Foster: “To build strength you can’t go wrong with the king of leg training, the back squat,” he says. “It works all the leg muscles as well as your core. The key here is to stick to low reps of 3-5 per set.”

The Best Leg Exercises For Explosive Power

If you wish to be fast and highly effective, it’s good to practice that means. “To get explosive power, move your body or any weight you lift as quickly as possible,” advises Foster. “Try plyometrics like box jumps, jump squats, 10m accelerations, and power cleans (just not all in one session, unless you want to collapse in a sweaty mess).”

Box Jumps

Stand up straight with feed shoulder-width aside. From this place soar as onerous and as quick as doable straight up and onto the raised floor, akin to your gymnasium’s plyometrics containers or steps. Not an overturned laundry basket.

Jump Squats

Stand up straight with ft shoulder-width aside. Lower your self into the squat after which explode as forcefully as you possibly can into the soar.

Power Cleans

Begin with the bar on the ground positioned near your shins. Stand together with your ft hip-width aside, attain down and seize the bar with an overhand, shoulder-width grip. Squat down and, protecting your core tight and chest up, pull the bar off the ground by extending your legs, ensuring to maintain your again flat.

Once the bar is at hip degree, totally prolong your hips, knees and ankles, whereas concurrently shrugging the bar together with your shoulders and protecting the bar as near your physique as doable. Quickly drop right into a quarter-squat place together with your again straight, and hips and knees barely bent. Drive your elbows ahead to rotate them round within the bar and catch the bar within the racked place throughout the entrance of your shoulders together with your fingertips below the bar. Now arise.

“Keep the reps low so that each one is performed with quality; you don’t want to fatigue when training for power as your reps will get slower,” Foster advises. “Go for maximum effort, quality, and full recovery between sets.”

As for rep ranges, Castle-Mason recommends “anything up to 3 reps at very high intensity thresholds of weight.”

“Power,” he continues, “is all about being able move very heavy loads very efficiently and quickly for short bursts of work – much like a sprinter covers distance extremely quickly but also becomes fatigued quickly. It’s a good idea to support explosive power with speed training – i.e. working as quickly as possible through reps. Try lifting 70% of your 1 rep max, for three sets of three, with 30 seconds rest in between.”

The Best Leg Exercises For Weight Loss

As we touched upon above, working your legs is a good way to shed fats – particularly that tough bit round your abdomen. The considering is, the larger the muscle, the extra energy it scorches. Worth protecting in thoughts when forcing your self by one other painful set of strolling lunges.

To provide help to keep on observe, Foster suggests you select workout routines that burn essentially the most energy over X period of time or reps. “You want to choose compound exercises such as the back squat, Romanian deadlift, lunges, over isolation exercises such as hamstring curl, calf raise, leg extension,” he says. “In contrast to building strength, when trying to lose fat keep your number of reps per set high – around 10-20.”

Back Squat

Stand up straight below the bar with ft shoulder-width aside. Lower your self into the squat till your higher thighs are parallel to the ground. Stand up.


Stand up straight together with your ft hip-width aside and arms at your sides (with or with out dumbbells). Step ahead with one leg till each knees are bent at a 90 diploma angle. Your entrance higher thigh ought to be parallel to the bottom whereas your again knee ought to be nearly touching the ground. Come up and repeat on reverse leg.

The Best Leg Exercises For Stability

A great set of wheels does greater than provide help to arise; it units you in good stead for almost any exercise going (sure, even sitting down). To provide help to actually hone your stability, Foster recommends single leg coaching, i.e., performing an train on one leg. The most important profit is that the imbalance this creates will pressure you to tug in your abs and different stabilising muscle groups to cease you toppling over, that means it’s an amazing full-body exercise.

“Single leg training is great for improving your balance, stability, and core strength!” he enthuses. “Not to mention it’s hard work, and great for building muscle and getting a sweat on. Give Bulgarian split squats or single leg Romanian deadlifts a go and you will know about it the next morning. Single leg exercises are challenging but so worth it!”

Bulgarian Split Squats

Rest one foot on a bench about knee peak. Get right into a ahead lunge place, stepping ahead with the opposite leg till the higher thigh is parallel to the ground and the again knee is nearly touching the ground. Push up again to standing.

Single Leg Romanian Deadlifts

Stand up straight together with your ft hip-width aside, holding dumbbells or barbell at thigh degree. Keeping your again straight, bend at your waist and sit your hips again to decrease the bar. Keep the bar near your shins and decrease so far as your flexibility permits. Stand up.

Castle-Mason additionally praises the advantages of taking it one leg at a time: “Many people who try to squat and deadlift do so poorly,” he warns. “Due to the nature of these movements, and how difficult they can be to perform well, it often highlights imbalances between the left and the right side of the body. As an example, normally if a squat is too heavy one of the knees might start to cave in when pushing up from the bottom of the movement. To address instability issues single leg-based work may help, such as a split squat or a single leg deadlift. Single leg movements can be used to bring up a weaker side or force it to better stabilise itself. Personally, I have had a great carry over effect from a single leg Bulgarian split squat to a barbell squat.”

The Best Leg Exercises For Overall Functional Fitness

The greatest workout routines profit us in each side of our bodily efficiency, and leg coaching – achieved proper – isn’t any exception. “A well-balanced approach to leg training doesn’t mean training hard and heavy and building big legs,” Castle-Mason explains. “You could have a massive squat and huge quads, but if you can’t reach your toes because your hamstrings are far too tight, this could present problems down the line, no matter how strong you are.”

As nicely as focusing in your leg muscle groups, it’s additionally important to make sure your joints are transferring correctly. “It’s wise to support your weight training with some mobility and flexibility work,” says Castle-Mason. “That means stretching out, but also moving your hip joint through it’s full range to ensure that you move correctly.”

Try, for instance, managed articulated rotations of your hip. “Remember, your hip is a ball and socket joint that flexes, extends, abducts, adducts and rotates,” advises Castle-Mason. “It is wise to ensure you can move your hip well through all motions to maximise leg training efficiency.”

Convinced legs must play an even bigger half in your coaching plan? Good. Then right here’s Castle-Mason with the ultimate phrase… “Having a good set of pins is a sign of athleticism. Anyone can lie on a bench and push weight, but not everyone can run, jump, squat or power clean some decent weight. Anyone at the top of their game in the fitness world doesn’t skip leg day – right from the fitness influencers you follow on Instagram to professional sports players. So get pushing.”

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