The Turlersee Lake House: An Iconic Modern Take On Nature

Long, sleek lines. A dramatic curved roof. Asymmetrical splits. Broad, wavy steps. These are some of the dominant features of the Turlersee Lake House, a luxurious holiday villa that sits on the edge of a little lake of the same name located about 30 minutes outside of Zurich, Switzerland. Designed with the intention of being a vacation home for a small family of three, the waterfront property is as complementary to its gorgeous rustic surroundings, as it is a striking modern contrast against the lush greenery.

Indoor-outdoor living, Swiss style

As current as it is, there is also something particularly throwback about parts of the structure’s look and feel. The use of an ascending wall that gradually evolves into the house’s roof are reminiscent of the iconic postmodern homes that were featured in films such as Gattaca, The Ghost Writer, and The Big Lebowski.

A stylish ode to Mother Nature

Italian architecture firm Wafai Architects, which designed the bungalow, says a play on (and with) nature was the main inspiration behind the acutely geometric patterns and deliberately earthy tones you see. Coastal real estate in Zurich have traditionally been very extravagant, and undoubtedly costly – they average US$3 million in starting prices. This newest addition has not only transformed the landscape of the region, but the designs of lakeside homes there altogether.

A strikingly sleek wall feature that graduates into a dramatic ceiling

Full floor-to-ceiling glass windows on two sides of the house give its inhabitants a comprehensive view of the nearby forests and waters, creating a warm yet stylish indoor-outdoor living space. The architect also skillfully juxtaposed beige retro zig-zag floor patterns against wood-coated walls on the interior (and cement grey walls on the exterior), so as to highlight the pleasing contrast between the villa’s contemporary industrial minimalism and Turlersee’s rural glory.