The Trio Band Faded Shades Brings Back the Alternative Rock Music Video with ‘Chasing Your Love’

The Alt-rock trio of Faded Shades is back with and that too with a bang. Following their debut album, the band is now rocking the stage with ‘Chasing Your Love’.

Very much excited to come across this band; not only fascinating but impactful and all geared up to take the music industry by storm. The trio of Faded Shades has left me shell-shocked with their latest release. Maintaining a fine balance between rhythmical delicacy and strength of the rock genre, the track ‘Chasing Your Love’ intensifies through the bold approach of the creators and the spellbinding instrumentation. Charlie has done a tremendous job behind the drums and Liam, the bassist is just too good to resist. This track is a fresh approach towards the genre of rock and I am certainly impressed with the versatility portrayed by the Alt-rock trio band.

The track has spoken volumes of the artistry of the band members and their creative unison. I was thrilled to my core by the heart-thumping instrumentation, yet the delicacy offered by lyricism and the performance of Joe maintained the much-needed resonance between the powerful and delicate ingredients of ‘Chasing Your Love’. The trio has stolen the show with their performances, both individually and as a group. The synth is clear and the bars are more than the musical senses can savor; a pure bliss for hardcore rock fans like me. Faded Shades deserves all the applause and 4.6 stars on the meter.

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