The Translator Who Hides His Full Body by Clay

The #ITGTopShelfie interview series focuses on the beauty routines of the charming, accomplished and loyal Into The Gloss reader community. Submit one on Instagram – post your Top Shelfie (tag us @intothegloss!) And include the #ITGTopShelfie hashtag for a chance to appear on ITG.

"Hello! My name is Carra, aka @TheViridiFiles on Instagram and in the comments section of the ITG. I am from Schweinfurt, Germany, but live in the greater Phoenix area, Arizona, from I am a German technical translator in the automotive sector, where I translate documents related to German prototypes, parts and systems: it's the dream of a gear! When I'm talking about no serpentine straps and dual-mass ruffles, I love to dig into the floors of natural beauty products.Although I am not very strict regarding the ingredients of my products, and that I slip from time to time a little Chanel Inimitable in my eyelashes, I tend to favor products that fall into the "nontoxic" category, no matter what it means.On the weekend, you will often find me in go through my beauty institute favorite, the Citrine Natural Beauty Bar, a paradise for those who love the "clean" but effective. this rival or even surpass me if I classics classics. When it comes to beauty, I try to be both comfortable and satisfied by minimizing my natural appearance, while minimizing my exposure to potentially harmful and unregulated ingredients.

For makeup, I'm a big fan of multi-purpose products. Some of my favorites include Tata Harper's Lip and Cheek Tint in Very Naughty and the Mineral Fusion Quadra Illuminating Radiance, which can be combined to give a multidimensional pink blush or be worn individually as a highlighter, blush or eye shadow. I have traveled about five of these contracts in recent years. I also love Tata Harper's illuminating eye cream, as it can be used as its nickname or indicates it as an ultra-moisturizing highlighter.

In adolescence, I threw a lot of daring glances on the eyes. I therefore have the impression that everything is out of my system. Now, I'm spending my time and money making my web as uniform and clear as possible, that the hormones are damned. My three non-negotiable questions are: weekly clay masks, a retinol product every other night – I am currently using A313 ointment as well as supplements to support the liver – and Holi powder ( c) the Nador agent every morning. I've read one day that skin care should be applied up to the nipples, so it's my minimum coverage area. Although, as you surely know, my loyal commentary readers, I mask cursed nearly every inch of my body with Aztec healing clay.

One of my recent areas of interest is that of nails. I have been a vegetarian for over 15 years and once I started incorporating meat into my diet, my nails changed completely. I keep them hydrated with my favorite nail oil from French Girl Organics, presented in a brilliant rolling bottle, perfect for traveling. I usually fashion them once a week, using my trusty Sephora crystal file, and I occasionally add a few layers of the Dr. Remedy base layer for more shine and protection. In my handbag, I wear a tube of Absolute Cream of Patyka, a fantastic French hand cream that I recently bought at Citrine.

The Arizona climate being quite brutal, there are some areas where we, desert dwellers, need to take special precautions. As our air is perfectly dry all year round, I am a big fan of lubricating my scalp and my hair before every cleansing, usually alternating food grade oils for olive oils, sesame and d & # 39; lawyer. To help conserve this extra moisture, while eliminating dust, sweat, etc. from the environment, I like to co-wash three times a week using As I Am's conditioner, followed by one of Shea Moisture's deep-conditioning masks, which I'm using. instead uses a standard conditioner. After rinsing about eighty percent of the air conditioner in cold water (as cold as possible, in an ambient temperature exceeding 120 ° C …), I wrap my braids in an aquis turban, then I clean my body to prevent body eruption due to conditioner residue. Outside the shower, I continue with a few drops of a sealing oil such as castor or jojoba, then I rake two or three Innersense I Create Lift volumizing foam pumps from root to tip . This allows my 2b / 2c waves to air dry, with a minimum of frizz and a major definition.

Another must in the Valley of the Sun is of course a good sunscreen. I only use physical blockers – my best choices would be the MyChelle SPF 30 every day, the 5-in-1 in the Suntegrity Fair when I want some coverage, since it's tinted, or Mamiel Exhale's moisturizing daily nectar, which is also slightly tinted and an absolute treat to wear on the face and neck. Throughout the day, especially if I'm going to be outside, I sprinkle some Derma-E sunscreen powder on all exposed areas. I also love a good pair of chic over-sized sunglasses to protect my delicate orbital region, and I've been shooting through a host of Prada shades for over 10 years. In my opinion, these are the best sunglasses because they are durable, sexy and functional.

To end my day, I wash my face with cleanser on sale at Whole Foods, usually from Acure or MyChelle. I am a homemade blend of 2/3 hemp seed oil, 1/3 castor oil, housed in an old bottle of Thayer Witch Hazel and a washcloth that gives my face a feeling of cleanliness without being too bare. I then cover my favorite serum, Yen Heal and Hydrate, which I complete with Holi (oil) from the Nator agent and slip into my bed with my love to watch Forensic Files or Cold Justice. Life is Beautiful. "

– told ITG

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