The Top Three Most Opulent Destinations In Europe

For a variety of reasons, Europe is a popular tourist destination. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re looking for a cheap backpacker adventure interrailing across Central America, ski resorts, or luxury rural settlements. There are some of the most lovely and historically significant cities in the world for individuals who don’t mind spending money. Here are the top three most opulent destinations in Europe.

Monte Monte-Carlo

Monte Monte-Carlo is well-known for its magnificent hotels and casinos, and has received Hollywood notoriety for films such as James Bond and Ocean’s Twelve. Monaco has great wealth, which is even more impressive given how small and dense it is. As the Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer explains, it has been Europe’s exclusive destination for more than a century. Aside from its cultural riches, Monte Monte-Carlo is more than simply posh hotels; it is situated next to a massive granite cliff face and gorgeous waters.

There is an aspect of natural beauty that is sometimes missed. And, of course, many ports are clogged with high-end superyachts. You’re in for a treat if you’re hoping to attend some elegant events. Every year at the end of spring, Monaco holds the Grand Prix, and the Casino de Monte-Carlo is ideal for networking and formal entertainment. The largest music artists also come to perform on tiny stages, as well as outstanding ballets and operas, such as the Monaco Yacht Show.


Madeira is not as well-known as Monaco, but it is famous for being the birthplace of Cristiano Ronaldo. However, it is somewhat similar to Monaco in that it is small (albeit nowhere near as small as Monaco), has magnificent beaches, and an affluent society. Madeira has been more accessible in recent years, with more regular flights there. Madeira is known for its emphasis on service, and there are numerous five-star hotels to select from.

You’ll feel like you’re on a paradise distant island, yet it’s large enough to enjoy a variety of activities – especially for nature lovers. Madeira also has some outstanding gastronomy for an island. Of course, seafood is popular, but there are also a few of Michelin-starred restaurants. Portugal’s food is great, but Madeira has its unique delicacies as well.


Megève, a picturesque resort town in France, is considered one of the most opulent ski resorts in the world. Megève is wonderful for both summer and winter, with gorgeous lakes to bathe in during the summer and 260km of slopes in the winter. Despite being a tiny town, there are several five-star hotels as well as traditional mountain communities. While it is mostly in France, it is near enough to the Swiss and Italian borders to offer a rather wide yet high-quality selection of gastronomic alternatives.

It is also about an hour’s drive from Geneva. The Rochebrune cable car, of course, is a must for the greatest Alps views, and the Musée de Megève is a tiny museum that may help summarize the town’s history. In addition, for those looking to work up a sweat outside of skiing, Palais des Sports is a games center featuring a swimming pool, ice rink, and a variety of other sports to explore.