The top 5 Gucci sneakers you need to be wearing in 2020

When it comes to the most adored and highly respected designer brands out there, Gucci is often the first to spring to mind – and, with its edgy seasonal collections and high-quality designs, it’s little wonder this luxury brand is one of the most sought-after in the word.

The Italian powerhouse, which was now founded over 100 years ago, is known for its innovative and timeless designs, offering a range of quality goods that both look incredible and are built to last. Initially best known for its leather goods as well as knitwear, silk goods and handbags, a little bit further down the timeline, it made a name for itself with its eyewear, watches and jewellery, and today, it is the go-to designer brand across the board. Gucci’s latest venture has the brand throwing its hat into the sneaker ring, having debuted its signature low top sneakers, the Gucci Ace Low, back in 2016. Since then, Gucci has continued to release an impressive selection of sneakers each season, featuring a variety of motifs to appeal to everyone – no matter your taste or style. Today, we’ve compiled a list of five of the best Gucci sneakers to add to your wardrobe for 2020. Taking casual chic to a whole new level for the year ahead, we guarantee you won’t go back.

Gucci Ace

The Gucci Ace Low is to Gucci what the Air Jordan 1 is to Jordan Brand. Now considered a timeless classic in the fashion sneaker world, the low top silhouette comprises a subtle and versatile design, making it the perfect canvas on which for Gucci to work its magic. Over the years, we’ve seen the Ace Low covered in embroidery, patterns, prints, a handful of different Gucci logos, as well as different types of material construction. The possibilities are truly endless with this model, so if you pick one pair of sneakers to add to your collection then make it these.

Buy online:, £495

Gucci Rhyton

The Gucci Rython made its debut early on in 2018. Released at the peak of the in-demand chunky sneaker trend, the model is known for its beefy rubber sole inspired by 90s running sneakers, the silhouette is constructed from tonal leather uppers that are then accompanied by unique prints, logos or branding on the side panels. If chunky is the style that you like, the Gucci Rhython is worth taking a look at.

Buy online: Harrods, £705

Gucci Ace High-Top

Just like the name of the shoe suggests, the Gucci Ace High Top is simply a high-top version of the classic Gucci Ace. If you like the look of the Ace but prefer the extra ankle support, these are the shoes for you. Just like the Ace Low, we’ve seen the versatile upper of the Ace High recreated in an array of prints and materials over the years, each resulting in a whole new vibe. High-top sneakers continue to make waves in the streetwear fashion stakes, so it’s no surprise here to see this model has such a strong following.

Buy online: Lyst, £540

Gucci Slip-On

Gucci’s signature Slip-On sneaker is slowly but surely becoming a fan favourite. Priding itself on its subtleties, the laceless sneaker typically lets its quality and craftsmanship do the talking. Constructed from premium leather, over the years we’ve seen the Slip-On with debossed Gucci branding, the infamous Gucci monogram print and, more recently, embroidered detailing such as the signature bees and stars.

Buy online:, £430

Gucci Flashtrek

The Gucci Flashtrek is without a doubt the flashiest sneakers from the bunch. Gucci definitely gets its creative juices flowing when it comes to the designs of the Gucci Flashtrek, and over the years we’ve seen this chunky-soled model done in a dynamic mix of materials such as rubber, reflective canvas and technical canvas. If that wasn’t enough “pop”, past iterations of the model have provided the sneaker with removable spikes and crystal that further add to the wild aesthetics of the shoe. If you feel like spicing up your footwear game, the Gucci Flashtrek are the ones you should be looking at.

Buy online: Harrods, £705

With such a tempting array of footwear to choose from, choosing just one can prove a challenge, but the ability to select customised versions mean there is always the chance to find the one that really is a bit of ‘you’. And if you still can’t decide which model you love the most, the solution is simple – go ahead and treat yourself to the whole lot.

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