The Tingzhen Beef Rice Noodles Restaurant Serves More Than a Piping Hot Meal

With no formal experience in the catering industry and a sole intention of preserving and recreating the unique flavors imprinted in his mind since childhood – the small Tingzhen Beef Rice Noodles restaurant in Wangjing SOHO, Beijing was established. Named in loving memory of his grandmother, the restaurant serves more than a piping hot meal, offering guests an immersive and intimate dining experience with the help of the Wang Zhongli of the Catanian design firm.

Heavily influenced by the traditional Chinese love for ‘literati’ or literature, the cozy 50 square meter space resembles an exhibition space, evoking a sense of contemplation and comfort with a crystallized bowl of rice noodles at its center, stretching out across the ceiling and room.

Shining against the darkened background surface, the installation illuminates the room and cascades over guests like an enormous borderless net, as they dine. Featuring a uniformed and muted color scheme, the only pop of color come in the form of ruby red chairs. The white lines symbolize the owner’s memories, whilst complementing and inspiring anticipation for the white rice noodles served.