The Tarform Luna Motorcycle is a Sustainable, Retro-Themed Electric Cafe Racer

Come to represent a range of values and ideas, motorcycles encompass an inspiring blend of technical innovation, art and design, alongside concepts of rebellion and identity. Transporting the average rider’s mind beyond the physical realm and into newfound clarity, the pride of each model’s meticulous craftsmanship coupled with the bliss of eventual ownership, is what makes these engineered beasts so desirable.

Borne out of the Brooklyn-based startup company, Tarform, this retro-themed electric cafe racer represents a combination of two iconic builds – the Tarform Luna Racer Edition and the Scrambler Edition. Packing a 55 horsepower motor and 10kWh battery, the Tarform Luna boasts up to 120 miles of range, a 3.8-second 0-60 time, and a top speed of 95 MPH.

With a high priority placed on sustainability throughout construction, the Tarform Luna features a vegan leather seat, recycled TIG-welded aluminium, and a flax weave to reinforce the composite body panels, alongside Ohlins suspension, ISR brakes, and a 3.4-inch HD display with WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, plus haptic blind-spot detection, keyless proximity starting, 180° HD rear view camera,18″ billet aluminium or spoked wheels, a 3.3kw onboard charger, hand fabricated trellis frame, and biodegradable fairings.

Scheduled for production and delivery in 2021, Tarform is currently accepting online enquiries and pre-orders with a minimum deposit of $500.