The talented hiphop artist Shantonio introduces refreshing summer vibes with ‘Summer Baby’

‘Summer Baby’ by the celebrated Shantonio is a track for the post corona crisis. The track brings back the groovy vibes of summer through fascinating riffs and bars.


Captivating bars, soothing musical notes, laid-back beats, enchanting soundscape – ‘Summer Baby’ has offered the audience with elements that are needed to experience the true aura around the genre of hip hop. At a time, when the world is suffering due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the artist has released this track to bring people out of the depressing situation and groove to some funky beats. This is a track for the period after insulation. The oscillation of the musical elements leads the entire premise, helping the audience get enthralled. Shantonio has surprised the global industry with his fun performance in the track. Providing depth to the structural arrangement of the track through his creative brilliance and artistic abilities, the artist has made his intentions pretty clear. The chilling vibes of the track are its base and build it perfectly for the following chords to follow and fill the musical timeline with moments of magnificence.

The performance of the artist in the track is unquestionably supreme and enthralling to the core of musical senses. ‘Summer Baby’ has all the elements that are needed to engage the audience from the beginning to the end. His individuality has added the much-needed dynamic quotient to the entire premise. The fusion of rap verses with delicate musicality in the track is simply satisfying. The multilayered forms of the backdrop draw the attention of the audience and allure them to go through the complete run. With each passing beat, the track grows and at the end, reaches the summit of musicianship. Capitalizing on the captivating performance of Shantonio, this track has impressed all. The artist is all set to rock the industry in the future with his upcoming projects. You can listen to him on SoundCloud, Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. Follow him on Instagram and Twitter for more information.